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I have no words to describe how this affected me just now, wow.

Everyone just needs to watch this.

I wasn’t going to watch this, I wasn’t even aware what it was. But to those people who were there at the right moment in time. Thank you.

This has changed my point of view for everything.

At the end my eyes started watering trying to to cry a little here

this is actually pretty good usually things like this are just hopeless and triggering but this had a happy ending a better message than most so way to go 5fdp

This made me speechless.


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romanticize the present | songs for falling in love

i.death cab for cutie//marching bands of manhattan * ii.sharon van etten//give out * iii.the dodos//companions * iv.joanna newsom//peach, plum, pear * v.m83//where the boats go * vi.the postal service//brand new colony * bloody valentine//who sees you * viii.sufjan stevens//chicago * ix.broken bells//vaporize * x.grizzly bear//deep sea diver * xi.foxygen//on blue mountain * xii.beirut//mount wroclai (idle days) * xiii.florence and the machine//hurricane drunk (the horros remix) * xiv.washed out//weightless * xv.the national//i need my girl * xvi.beach house//take care

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breaking with goodbyes | songs for losing your love

i.phantogram//you are the ocean * ii.björk//unravel * iii.bon iver//skinny love * iv.modest mouse//little motel * v.death cab for cutie//brothers on a hotel bed * vi.beirut//cherbourg * vii.the national//about today * viii.cant//bericht * ix.pedro the lion//options * x.the antlers//putting the dog to sleep * xi.pete yorn//lose you * xii.lcd soundsystem//someone great * xiii.yeah yeah yeahs//modern romance * xiv.bombay bicycle club//leaving blues * chip//so glad to see you * xvi.sharon van etten//love more

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